What’s Wrong with an EASTER Egg

As many of you grew up from childhood we were always lured with the happenings of Easter by the presence of the Easter bunny and his goodies.  I can recall looking forward to checking the front porch on Easter Sunday morning to see what ole Peter Cottontail had brought be in his basket of goodies.   […]

St Thomas Announces Our Summer Programs for Youth

Temecula Episcopal Church is proud to announce that we will be launching our first ever summer program for school aged kids. Our faith-based program will focus on teaching children the importance of being good stewards of the community, the environment and their bodies.   This summer camp program will help kids who normally have nothing […]

Your Place to Call Home

We are a group of Christian people who accept all others for who they.  An all inclusive group of people who have our own histories of sin and mistakes.  None of us are perfect and we don’t expect or demand perfection from any of our members, past or present.  A Place to Call Home is […]