St Thomas Announces Our Summer Programs for Youth

Temecula Episcopal Church is proud to announce that we will be launching our first ever summer program for school aged kids. Our faith-based program will focus on teaching children the importance of being good stewards of the community, the environment and their bodies.


This summer camp program will help kids who normally have nothing to do over the long and hot summer to get some much needed exercise and interaction with others.

The teachings of the Holy Bible tell us that we should love thy neighbor. Our summer camp program will show these children how to treat pone another with love and kindness, something that isn’t taught in school these days. We will work on take manners, etiquette and other forms of chivalry.


Our children will be immersed in the community and will learn about and serve those in need. We will also participate in several community environmental events where we learn about the natural environment and ways to love and protect God’s great creation.


Tree plantings, park clean ups, stream restoration projects, watershed awareness and natural habitat restoration protection are just a few of the things we will study and learn about this summer.


In addition to environmental and community stewardship, we will also experiences the other unique things our place has to offer. Art galleries and musical events will be part of our summertime itinerary.


Learning about and listening to hand made local music is something we feel is important for an overall and well rounded social experience.


Last and certainly not least, we will be active! We will play games, go to the park, go swimming, hiking and take walks through the community and learn about the history. We will be playing flag football, kick ball, whiffle ball and any other physical activities in which the kids feel they want to play.


We want our children to have a well-rounded experience this summer that teaches them the importance of being like Jesus and loving others. Helping others and reaching out and being a servant is all part of being a good Christian and we feel these years in a child’s life is vital in developing those values and incorporating them into their personality. Treating our bodies like a temple by maintaining a high level of physical activity and eating a diet that nourishes the body that Christ has given us.


More details will follow on the classes and age ranges for each one. We will also offer a few different pricing points for families who only want to the service on a part time or full time basis. We will also subsidize any family who cannot meet the tuition requirements. If you feel you may need assistance you can email us anonomously at [email protected]