Using Television For Speaking About Religion

There are many people across the world who are unable to attend the congregation of their choice. They may be incapacitated, disabled due to injury or illness, isolated geographically from the church of their choice, or simply do not have the means or modes of transportation available to them to get them to their place of worship.lifechurch

Worship services on television have become vastly popular over the last couple decades. With the onslaught of popular evangelical television programming as well as cable networks dedicated to religion, More and more people are finding their spiritual sides through the power of electricity and the television.

TV stations now dedicated to gospel related networks are some of the most-watched programs on cable TV today. People are able to watch these programs on TV and consistently you’re the folks voice their sermons and spiritual missions via the television set. Many people simply like this the idea of not having to get up early on Sunday morning, Get dressed up, fight Sunday morning traffic, and be forced to sit amongst a crowd of hypocrites. Watching the programs at home can be recorded so that they can be watched at any time during the week. This ensures that people who work on Sundays can still get there religious message for the week without disturbing their work schedule.

People stop attending church for various reasons. Some people are simply too nervous in the large crowds. Others feel obligated to donate money to the offering plate when they barely have enough money in their own pockets to feed themselves and their children. Some people just feel far more comfortable in their home and can focus much easier on the sermon at hand when there aren’t the external distractions that one finds within a church congregation.


We feel that God works in many different ways. God uses many avenues in order to reach people and this is evident over time. In the beginning times, got have had prophets and apostles to spread his word. Then the scriptures were written and as more and more people became literate that became the biggest source to spread his word. As the television was invented it became another avenue for God to enter into the American family homes. Now with the Internet, there is another avenue for God’s Word to spread.


It is estimated at nearly half of the people who no longer attend church still watch some former religious programming on television. Whether that be gospel network programming in general or a specific sermon broadcasted by a local Church more and more people use the television as their source of spirituality.


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