What’s Wrong with an EASTER Egg

As many of you grew up from childhood we were always lured with the happenings of Easter by the presence of the Easter bunny and his goodies.  I can recall looking forward to checking the front porch on Easter Sunday morning to see what ole Peter Cottontail had brought be in his basket of goodies.


Maybe it was a package or two of those yellow Peeps.  Maybe there was some sort of small toy as well. Perhaps there would be some plat is Easter eggs with assorted chocolates or candies.  Either way, it was a fun time for a child to look forward to after a long winter’s lull.


My favorite thing in my Easter basket was never that green grassy stuff. In fact, I hates everything about it. The plasticky feel, the smell and the texture wasn’t something I enjoyed.  So I pretty much moved it aside and got down to the nitty grit of what’s in my basket.

The main thing or things I was looking for inside of my Easter basket was chocolate!  Chocolate Easter eggs, chocolate Reese’s Cups or the forgotten Cadbury Eggs.  That weird yolk like stuff in the middle wasn’t my favorite but I sure would eat it as long as I had a nice chunk of chocolate to go along with the creamy bite.


Lately it has been brought to my attention that certain companies are no longer offering Easter chocolates. No chocolate Easter eggs and no reference to Easter whatsoever. Really chocolate and eggs and bunnies are totally irrelevant to Easter and the true meaning of the events that unfolded but does that mean we ha e to remove the name Easter from the holiday labeling in order to not offend anyone?


I really could care less if some company offered Ramadan chocolate treats drunk their holiday season.  Or Jewish candies for the children to celebrate their religious holiday. Why would that offend me?  Why would I think that removing the words from the products would make that particular product any less appealing to me?  Maybe they don’t want to offend someone?  Maybe it’s political correctness. Whatever it is, I find it to be absurd and disheartening.


I for one will no longer purchase any products from the people who remove the intended spirit and spirituality from the things we’ve become accustomed to over the years.  Simply trying not to offend or exclude anyone is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard.


Again, if Muslim child find glee and joy in the bringing of chocolate from some cute and furry animal at certain times if the year is t going to offend me in the slightest. What does offend me is removing the references to Easter and Christmas and other Christian holidays and observances simply to avoid offending someone else.


I’m almost certain that the corporations aren’t worried about offending Christians and I’m even more certain that they are super sensitive to the rights and religious beliefs of everyone except Christianity.


We as a nation have become so skewed away from the founding principles of this country that we nite the very hands that fed us.  The men who ventured here and established this great country for religious freedoms personal liberties would absolutely turn in their graves if they were aware of what this nation has become.


So I’m not going to offend anyone anymore.  I simply will not but anything associated with this company and other companies who practice these kinds of marketing and anti-Christian ploys.