Your Place to Call Home

We are a group of Christian people who accept all others for who they.  An all inclusive group of people who have our own histories of sin and mistakes.  None of us are perfect and we don’t expect or demand perfection from any of our members, past or present.  A Place to Call Home is Temecula’s new age way of thinking and worshipping.  We strive to be more Christ like by simply loving one another.home

We are not here to pass judgment, for it is not us who is the final judge of our lives.  As the Bible states, “Judge not lest ye be judged yourself”.  This place is simply a place for all others who have felt shunned by society, who have been ridiculed by so called friends and family.  For those who feel they do not have a place in this world we want to be a place you can call home.

Where you are welcomed with open arms and warm hearts.  A place where you can truly be you.  A Place to Call Home isn’t a place where you will feel ashamed of yourself when you walk in the door.  It isn’t a place where you will be required to hide your true self and to pretend to be someone or something you are not.

Black, white, yellow, Puerto Rican or Haitian we are all welcoming to everyone of this wonderful nation.  Bi, gay straight, transgendered and everything in between or outside of the sop called lines that society has placed upon us are welcome here.  God made us all in his own image and we truly believe that God doesn’t make mistakes.  He has a purpose and plan for each and everyone of our lives.

In God’s eyes, all lives matter.

If you’re suffering from addiction or other burdens that are bringing you down, A Place to Call Home is your shelter from the cruel world in which we often must exist.  Come here, let your soul rest and be cleansed and coddled.  Without prejudice and and preconceived notions of what members should look like, this is truly a place for you to be sheltered from the rigors of every day life.

So it is with open arms that we welcome you to our family and we hope it becomes a place in which you can feel welcome to come when you need and as often as you need.  we hope that it is a place you can feel at home and that you can feel comfortable enough to invite others into “your home”.

Welcome home.